Who is Coastal Carolina IT?

Coastal Carolina IT is a full-service Information Technology Management Provider, from assisting existing IT staff in companies with more advanced needs, to managing and taking full accountability for the complete IT needs and infrastructure of businesses is experience that we can offer.

This could be assisting and consulting in migrating to virtualization or the cloud, administering and maintaining internal or cloud servers or extending it to a full IT help desk for all employees of a company.

As an IT Company, we provide this support 24/7 and are always there when we are needed.

Proactive IT support is our prime level of support – catching issues as early as possible so as to keep outages off of production lines.

One of our core philosophies when working with a customer is always keeping in mind, when implementing a solution or fixing a situation, is how can the customer succeed better as a result. So, all actions are geared towards better success for the customer.

Coastal Carolina IT has a number of very talented IT professionals who are passionate about implementing the best solution for the customer. And when you’re dealing with one of our IT pros, you’ll always know that if something comes up that is not in his realm of specialization, we will have another technician who can back him up. Our technicians work very closely to ensure that IT solutions are implemented just right based on each of their unique specialties.


CCIT’s primary mission as an IT Managed Service Provider is to set up each business in such a way so that the business can continue to do what they do best without IT distractions. And when this approach is in place, we’ll implement server and software solutions to better business processes and make IT as simple as possible for the end-users.

The IT field can be a daunting large field with numerous specialties. CCIT’s team of technicians have diverse training and experience so we can handle any situation. If one technician is not familiar with a specific niche, we’ll have another technician he can call upon to assist.

We can either be your IT department or assist existing IT technicians and managers with high-level IT work so costly mistakes are not being made.


One of the values we bring to the table for our customers is that many just  cannot afford to hire all of the advanced IT support staff needed to fully support and roll out IT solutions within their company. So they hire us to develop their IT architecture – making sure it is implemented right the first time.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is knowing when we implement a solution, it is done right the first time – no more coming around to redo it.

Coastal Carolina IT Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Small and large businesses rely on a myriad of “cloud solutions” to manage and streamline their business processes.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In today’s IT-driven business environments there are many affordable solutions to bring about a rock-solid backup and disaster recovery solution.

Security Services

Security Services

Businesses heavily rely on their IT systems and the integrity thereof. Companies can be completely crippled if their primary internal data sources are compromised.

Network & Server Management

Network & Server Management

From Windows & HyperV Servers to Citrix Administration, large scale wireless implementation, data center architecture design and more.

24×7 Help Desk & Monitoring

24×7 Help Desk & Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and maintenance alerts us to issues with networks, servers, and workstations. We review and address these alerts and proactively resolve these.

Our Team

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Dan Wax
Founder and CEO

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Systems Administrator

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Network Administrator

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IT Technician

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Demar Quinteros
IT Technician

"Proactive IT support is our prime level of support – catching issues as early as possible to prevent outages and downtime for the office or practice."

Dan Wax, Company Founder


Office Information

  • 100A Old Eastwood Road, Suite 104 Wilmington, NC 28403
  • Office: (910) 722-1621